Brisbane Tuff


Brisbane Tuff indeed is a wonder rock and has been quarried since first settlement of Brisbane. The first quarry was the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and from there stone for many buildings and churches was sourced. [...]

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Remount Depot


Horses for the Army. Work at Wilston. Source: The Telegraph: 15 September 1914 One of the busiest centres of military preparations in the metropolitan area is the remount depot at Wilston, where all the horses,bought [...]

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Windsor’s heritage-listed homes and places


The Brisbane City Council maintains a Heritage Database which allows searches for places, heritage buildings and places of significance. Physical details, historical information, builder, architectural period and style plus photographs are all available through the [...]

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About Windsor


Windsor, an inner suburb of Brisbane, is five km north-east of the city centre. The first land sales in the Windsor area were in 1855, with further installments until the end of the decade. The [...]

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